Part 2 Winter 2015 with Lachlan home from Afghanistan Rocky Creek War Memorial Park

Continuing on from the previous post.

Next stop for us was Townsville to see one of our Grand Son off the plane from Afghanistan after his 7 month deployment. It was a long wait in the airport as they had to clear customs and lug their own kit through a way too small doorway to reach very happy families. Apologies to Lauren, the love of his life, all the pics with her were taken on her camera Sad smile and we ain’t there.

 IMG_20150723_103119_857_thumb2     IMG_20150723_103535_761_thumb3

Lachlan had to work for the week and re acquaint himself with his Lady love Lauren (bet that was hard Smile re acquainting that is ) his Son Maison and the mad pooch Charlie so we made ourselves busy in Townsville for the week with only short visits.

The troops had a parade and medal presentation on the Friday and we had an invite. It was a great display and a good smoko after of sambo’s and coffee and pastry’s topped it off well,bloody good day proud of ya mate!


We left Townsville on Saturday,the day after the parade heading for Pinnacle Village van park near the Daintree for some fishing. It was a long haul so we overnighted about half way between Atherton and Mareeba at the Rocky Creek War Memorial Park free camp.IMG_1682_thumb3IMG_1683_thumb1IMG_1681_thumb1

This is a fabulous place and a credit to those that established and maintain it. Well worth a stop over just to explore and pay respects to the names and services on the memorial stones.

IMG_1685_thumb1 IMG_1687_thumb1

Next instalment we are off to Pinnacle Village Van park for some fishing on the Daintree River.


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