Tinnaroo Dam to Ravenshoe Sept 2015


From Tinaroo we took off for Ravenshoe the highest town in Queensland and the site of that disastrous Cafe explosion and fire on June 9 2015. We were there to meet up with Jo and Michael friends and neighbours from RV Home base, for two days before they headed off to Yungaburra. We stayed an extra day. The van park here is fantastic. It is the site of an old railway museum and the starting point for Capella the steam train which runs from Ravenshoe to Tumoulin every Sunday. Unfortunately the train was not operating at this time due to some bridge inspections that had to be done. In the van park at  $15 a night with power,water and with toilet and shower facilities,what more could you ask for. There were some great old relics to see and the trains and stuff weren’t bad either. A lot of the railway sleepers were engraved with donors names,it looked great



The camp kitchen was where a great fire was lit each night by the caretakers,which made it a great gathering point for campers. The fire was a necessity due to the unseasonably cold weather which turned to miserable drizzle for some of our stay.


Saturday night there was a local group that sang and played for our enjoyment and believe me it was very enjoyable with them singing songs that we all  knew from years past. Some were a little before my time of course but all the oldies loved them Smile. All of the performers were locals that just loved to get together and sing. They had a massive telly that was hooked into the karaoke system and two huge speakers. From 5pm to 6:30 we were thoroughly entertained by the “G Strings”,loved it



After the show we went up to the highest hotel in Queensland for a fantastic pub meal,well worth it. I think we are setting personal records, 2 years ago we had a cleansing ale in the northern most pub in Australia on Thursday Island and now this.

On Saturday we packed up to head for Atherton.


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