Jabiru Safari Lodge/Mareeba Tropical Savanna and Wetland Reserve.Sept 2015



See http://www.jabirusafarilodge.com.au/ What a magnificent place this is. Mavis and I opted for the walk in stand by rate payment for accommodation with breckie and ended up in the cabin normally used by the rangers and staff in the off season. A great double bedroom plus bunks for 3 more in the lounge room,bathroom and full kitchen facility for self catering ,which we opted out of instead preferring to go the whole hog and indulging in the wine & cheese platter while watching the sunset over Clancies lagoon followed by a superb dinner.

A bit of history on this great facility. Originally conceived in the 1990’s it was born from the dream of a local conservationist Tim Nevard. The 2000 hectares was to have been developed for sugar cane production but was found to be unsuitable for irrigated production. The concept of a Nature Conservation and wild life sanctuary was enthusiastically embraced by both Government and local people.Wetlands and lagoons were man made and utilise the excess water from Tinnaroo dam that is not used for irrigation. This is obviously a massive amount of water,evident by the continual flows from the dam through the open channels leading to the vast irrigation area.


Clancies lagoon is where the Interpretive centre and cafe are housed along with a breeding centre for the endangered Gouldian finch, a successful program that is releasing Gouldian’s back into the wild. It is quite a spectacle to just watch these beautiful little birds as well as other finches enjoying the free feed.



Finches are not the only inhabitants of this wonderful place,Kangaroo, Quoll, Emu, lizards and over 200 other species of birds have been identified here and the number keeps growing. Daddy Emu with his family.

IMG_2189 IMG_2317IMG_2230IMG_2287IMG_2318IMG_2322IMG_2338IMG_2359IMG_2370IMG_2355IMG_2352IMG_2259

After a cruise around lake Clancy and a talk by our guide we piled aboard the safari transport for a 2 hour drive around the property to discover even more wild life.


The accommodation here is fantastic. The deluxe safari tents are very well appointed with bathrooms and all the mod cons for roughing it Smile,while the Eco tents are solar powered. They all look pretty swish.

IMG_2214 IMG_2212

You even have to put up with a spa in the BBQ area.Ho Hum Sleepy smile life is tough living rough in the bush.


After the safari drive around the property we settled back on the deck to enjoy some cheese,dips and bickies and a bucket of Sav Plonk, to watch the sun set over the lake. Yet another beautiful experience.


The cheese and bickies was followed by a superb meal of Barramundi, Thai beef great veg and salads and a berry crumble desert, Yummo! Oh and some more Sav Plonk.


What a memorable stop over!

IMG_2219 IMG_2197


Cheers for now.


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