New Years Eve at Jondaryan Wool Shed 2015

NYE update.

I would like to share with you all the great time that a few of us RV Home basers (RV Homies as someone coined) had at Jondaryan wool shed on New Years Eve, please see the following site for info on the place IMG_2753


Unfortunately although booking well in advance we managed to secure powered sites right next to the toilet dump. Fortunately there was a constant breeze to keep us cool but again unfortunately the breeze carried the gaseous emissions from the dump point bathing our rigs and us in methane.

Fortunately Ron and Janita were the first to arrive and managed to snap up the absolutely prime spot of first cab on the rank beside the toilet dump. Unfortunately this unselfish action did not work to the benefit of those that camped downstream of this odoriferous but necessary facility.


We all paid for the buffet dinner before the great New Years Eve entertainment supplied by the Ridgee Didge Bush Band and a D. J. as back up when the band needed a break.IMG_2767IMG_2766

The evening meal was good. Presented in a buffet style with all the trimmings including mini dampers and the bar was open.


Instruction in the dances was supplied to help us along. This place is great for small kids and ancients such as us just having a great time on New Years Eve.People in “RM” Williams boots with big hats, jeans or Mole skins with big belt buckles, and checked shirts, had the very best time as did we RVers in our comfortable casual wear. It didn’t matter what you wore the night was great!


There is a fantastic display of facilities, implements and tools from years gone by. Old time barber shop, dentist surgery, school room and a police lock up to name a few of the displays. As we all strolled through these displays it was amazing to hear the comments of “we had one of those” or “my mum used to use one of them”


Must say that as we tour through a place like this that it is most disconcerting to see items that not only mum and dad used in their day but stuff that we used and possibly still use and they are displayed as items from yester year.

A couple of us are now suffered from strip the willow knee which is a most destructive disability for professional athletes (such as we home basers). I am sure that the waft of voltaren cream and deep heat emanating from a few houses at home base will fix the disability that undoubtedly will heal and let us get back to intense training for next years event.

Jondaryan also provided a recovery breakfast (at a cost of course) which was great. Pancakes with berries or maple syrup and a full cooked breakfast with grilled tomato with cheese, sausages, hash browns, savoury mince scrambled eggs, baked beans and toast with coffee and tea. Oh yum.

The morning was not lost to recovery, as most of we very responsible Rver’s woke early with no discernible side effects from the frivolities.

Tea and damper was had in the cafe while a certain gentleman amused us with Benny Hill impersonations,what a great day!


A great couple of games of KLOP were had on New Years Day.


Unfortunately the day turned into a very childish display of so called adults running around with water pistols drenching each other. Needless to say happy hour reared its not so ugly head and all was calm again.


Cheers to all our friends and may the new year be the best ever.


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