Winter escape 2016 part “C”

As mentioned in part B, Dimbulah is a top spot about 40kms West of Mareeba in FNQ (Far North Queensland for the uninitiatedSmile) and is on the way to Chillagoe another great town in the area that was mentioned in our post “Atherton Sept 2015 to see Sarah our Grand Daughter In Law.” Love it as well. See

Dimbulah was developed to service the Tyrconnell Gold Mine in 1876 then in 1828 tobacco was introduced following a large influx of Italian migrants. Today large fruit veg and nut growing areas exist along side the FNQ staple of sugarcane.

We checked in for 5 day’s but have decided to stay longer. I have managed to get some difficult jobs checked off the list so far and have plans for more to come, not to mention that the van has never looked better due to a thorough and detailed clean (even the solar panels and roof). The winter weather is superb only chilling off slightly at night. No humidity rain or bl..dy mold on everything.img_3469

You have no idea how difficult bat sh.t is to remove from a vans roof. Unfortunately at Pinnacle village in the Daintree we managed to park under fruiting trees that the bats loved. It was a source of amusement for me, no wrong word Sad smile, concern is more like it,  that in the middle of the night they would drop passion fruit sized seeds from a great height onto the roof after masticating the goodness from around them. Mavis would nearly put dents in the ceiling in fright at the noise,poor girl Open-mouthed smile I was so worried for her!

The first State of Origin was a drama for us a muggins had not renewed the Vast satelite renewal and there was no telly here at Dimbulah, even if there had been the Saturn aerial for the telly in the van had fallen off the roof at some in determinant time and place, bugger. It takes 3 blo.dy days to re register that Vast card so we went to the local Pub for the game (great move! ). Mavis’s new blue rinse made a statement for blo.dy sure Smile.

I have defected and choose to be a identified as a Queenslander but lovey stays true to the State of her birth Cockroach country NSW. I know it is State of origin but it adds some spice to life when we are at odds Smile, not that that takes much.

What a great outcome for the game and the Pub was the perfect place to view it, lotsa good natured country heads and Mavis even had some like minded friends.


Saturday was market day and train day in Dimbulah. After brekkie we had a walk around the markets near the railway station then coffee at the bakery.  img_3466img_3467

The Savannahlander train passes through Dimbulah on its way from Cairns to Forsayth and return, a four day trip with tours along the way.


           The Dimbulah station has been made into a museum depicting the life and times of the area, from the gold rush days to tobacco growing and stories of some of the local identities, Well worth a look. Volunteers open the museum and provide tea coffee and bikkies for the transiting passengers and locals, only asking for a donation. Ice creams and cold drinks are sold.


Part “D” to follow later.


One thought on “Winter escape 2016 part “C”

  1. Hello, As always, enjoy reading about your travels. Clive wants to know did you loose the whole wheel? Expensive!!!! Having a miserable day here, the weather has not been as base as predicted. In saying all that the rain is good. We have had 50ml since 9am yesterday.. We needed it badly. Keep the blogs coming.👍 Sandra Sent from my iPad


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