This is one fantastic destination. We are currently doing a house sit in Herberton for two weeks. We have passed through but never stayed here before. We decided to do the tourist thing while we were here and make the most of our stay.

I can not rave enough about this Historic village. It is privately owned and staffed mainly by  permanents with some volunteers helping out. It is not only old rusting stuff from years gone by but includes a massive collection of fully restored and working machinery and buildings. We quickly decided to take advantage of their pay for one and come back for another two days. Believe me one day is definitely not enough.  

Most day’s there is a timetable for the operation of some of the items. Day one for us was a Ruston steam engine. IMG_3506

An old Dennis fire engine.IMG_3510

A superbly restored 1923 Harley idling away in gear wheel turning.IMG_3556aIMG_3557



And the blacksmith making some very interesting gear.


As I Have said to rave about this place does not do it justice so I will post a heap of pics which will be just a brief expose of the Village.I will leave the pictures large so they can be expanded for a better view if you fancy.

IMG_3513IMG_3514IMG_3521IMG_3518IMG_3522IMG_3528IMG_3531IMG_3534IMG_3537IMG_3541IMG_3536IMG_3542IMG_3558IMG_3563IMG_3564IMG_3565 IMG_3567IMG_3569IMG_3574IMG_3577IMG_3579aIMG_3579IMG_3579bIMG_3581IMG_3587IMG_3591IMG_3603IMG_3602IMG_3605IMG_3606


We capped day two off with camp oven stew damper and billy tea,it was great. img_3703img_3704

It is impossible to show all the wonderful sights to be seen in this place. Suffice to say it is a must see if you are in the Tablelands. 


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