Cooloola May 2017 Rant

For those that don’t like blasphemous words change channels now.Steaming mad

We are again camped on wonderful Cooloola beach as we were in February, see (blog

I do not understand why people would come to such a lovely place and leave it in such a bloody mess. Bottle tops, water bottles, cigarette buts, discarded broken camping gear, zip bloody ties, broken ropes, buckets, milk crates, lolly wrappers, snack packets and the disgusting list goes on.

There are dumpsters provided at various points along the camping area but obviously they are too far to walk or drive to for those that carry the BOGAN campers tag.

Surely these people want to return to enjoy the life style, perhaps it is only a place to come to yahoo, listen to loud music instead of the ocean and bird life, drink lots oh and crap in the sand hills behind their camps, don’t get me started on that particular subject!.

Next shitty subject is the flotsam that washes up on the beach. This morning during my morning walk along this beautiful beach I was stunned to see the harvest that has been vomited up by the ocean during the high tide and Southerly wind that we are experiencing.

IMG_4627 IMG_4633IMG_4631IMG_4641IMG_4647IMG_4653

Plastic bags in the hundreds, water bottles some with foreign language labels, old pieces of damaged fish nets, broken plastic containers, flower pots, pieces of plastic of all descriptions, how you can gauge ton’s of Styrofoam, I dunno but there was heaps of it and my personal favourite balloons yep that’s right those rubber (or plastic never to break down) things that we humans love to release filled with bloody helium and tied off with string or ribbons (more non degradable crap). These pretty things sore high into the sky until they reach an altitude that forces them to break due to the decrease in outside air pressure thus falling back to Earth usually in the ocean to be washed up on beaches. God I hate them and helium has much better and practical uses eg Donald duck voice syndrome, welding and non flammable airships !


Why cant we release biodegradable doves dyed to the required colour, at least they mostly comeback to Earth without blowing up and they return to their homes for recycling later.

 dove 2

I think it is about time that we took responsibility for our actions in damaging this our home Earth.

Death penalty would not be too severe for littering or dumping would it????? or perhaps they could be caught, made to wear exploding ankle trackers and blues footy jerseys and wigs during the State of Origin (oh the shame that they would experience Eye rolling smile).


2 thoughts on “Cooloola May 2017 Rant

  1. Too bloody right, makes my blood boil as well. So sad that people don’t think about our marine life, imagine if they did that to our land, we would be up in arms about it. The human race can be incredibly pathetic, particularly this day and age.

    Beautifully written!

    Hugs, Sammy x


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