Relish food and wine festival 2017 Maryborough

relish 11

On the third of June Mavis, Ash and myself attended the Relish, food and wine festival held Port Side at Maryborough. We actually went in blind not knowing too much about the event. $15 each entry was paid at the gate which gave us three plastic stem glasses and access to the most wonderful array of fresh, preserved, smoked, baked, squeezed, fermented and generally scrumptious  delights, most of which are localish.PANO_20170603_120249

There were several cheese producers and many winery stalls, smoked meats and gourmet  (Not a lover of the word gourmet as it is used very loosely these day’s, even the dreaded Slack mac’s use it now) providers of the most awesome delights. The array of relishes, sauces, cheeses wines and craft beer was beautifully presented for our enjoyment.


The option was there to throw a blanket on the grass and enjoy a beer, wine or beverage of your choice with a purchased picnic from one of the stalls or bring your own. Great day out.

We followed this with a trip on the Mary Anne the replica steam engine that generally runs every Thursday (Maryborough market day). What a magnificent machine this is! The original was built in Maryborough in 1873 and was used to cart timber, the history is astounding. The replica was built in 1999.


A definite next year if we are in the area.


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