Trip South for Christmas 2017.

We left Maryborough a little late to travel South to Caboolture and Narangba to deliver Chrissie presents to family on our sojourn to Southern N.S.W.

Our planned trip South was unexpectedly brought forward by a couple of weeks due to family commitments.

After very quickly playing Santa for Children, Grand children and Great Grandies we shot off to stay the night at Lawnton show ground. Ashley came for a visit for a while and I managed to stay awake for the duration. It was lovely to see him.

We were both dog tired following a frantic pack up of the house and contents and van servicing over a few very hectic day’s.

My part in the whole thing was to service the van to allow us to stay away for some months.

Wouldn’t ya know that my being slack and paying for the last van service would come back to bite me right on the you know where. After the service I asked for a spare set of wheel bearings (which were supplied and paid for).

Muggins me decided to change all bearings before this trip as they have done 100000kms and needed some relief form their duties ( mainly for my peace of mind even though they had been inspected and re lubed many times! )

imageSaid muggins decided to lubricate afore mentioned bearings before the disassembly of the hubs.

Upon disassembly it was found that the bearings were the wrong size for the job. A quick trip to Bearing Services in Maryborough produced only the outer bearings and an order was put in for their inner partners. (I did fail to mention that I had disassembled two hubs and disposed of the old bearings and their partner races before the discovery of the mismatched bearings.)

The following morning Bearing Services proudly handed over the ordered bearings and they were also wrong. They had ordered the correct part numbers but were supplied the wrong ones from their warehouse in Brisbane.

Another day’s wait!

I did manage to service the diesel heater.


fix the non flushing toilet


and change the anode and clean out a bucket load of calcium from the water heater.


along with a few other mark time jobbies.

Correct bearings arrived and the rest of the day was spent greasing and installing said bearings. I did manage to paint the disc brake callipers bright yellow to make them look pretty. Winking smile

I can not believe that I could not sleep after all this drama and hard work but there ya go awaking on departure day absolutely stuf.ed, but it was only a short run to the rello’s in  Brissie and off to Lawnton Show Ground for a good nights sleep.

Friday morning had us leaving Lawnton on the run South. So much newly opened dual carriage way is most welcome, but the truck did baulk at travelling to the lower latitudes as did I but happens and we struggled on.

Second over night (Friday) was at the free camp at Macksville, a lovely Lions park by the Nambucca River. This spot was a little noisy as you can see the old highway bridge in the background was well used by trucks all night. Fortunately, Saturday saw a walking event over the new Highway bridge which bypasses the town and the official opening on Sunday. This will make Macksville a lovely quiet place to stop over.image

Saturday we took off heading South to have a coffee with Marg and Bob (Mavis’s sister and bro in-law) at the roadhouse at Kempsey

Following smoko with the family we struck out for a fuel stop in Sydney then an overnight at Kingsbury V.C. rest area about 50k’s North of Goulburn. A great spot just far enough away from the highway and it proved to be very popular as it filled up after we got there.


Sunday we left the rest area heading for Murrah just South of Bermagui where #1 son lives.

To be continued:


4 thoughts on “Trip South for Christmas 2017.

  1. Enjoy your selves in the southern climes. A very merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you both.

  2. Hello, Finally had five minutes to catch up on emails. Enjoyed reading your blog page, lovely to follow your trip. Enjoy Christmas and new year with your family, Take care, Sandra and Clive

    Sent from my iPad


  3. Merry Christmas from Helen and I, it is great reading your blogs, with a steady helpful listing of sites to overnight. cheers Laurie

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