Its not often that I do a rave about a caravan park, but I think the owners of this place deserve recognition for their efforts and hard work.

Located 6 kms from Murgon QLD. and 2 and a half hours from Brisbane, this pet and people friendly camp is great.



We checked out  this spot after recommendations from our Kedron friends who had their AGM there a few weeks before our visit.

It is a lovely quiet spot with superb amenities and after the recent rains it was beautifully green.


The powered  site that we were allocated was a little tight and nose down but not impossible. The park was pretty full and well booked.


Shower, toilet and laundry facilities were beautifully constructed and maintained.



Great fire places and fivesies areas that were made good use of daily and once a week entertainment provided by management.




Great meeting area.



Also great bush walks.


One of the best toilet dumps I have used and they have their own water treatment plant for potable water due to the fact that all of their potable water is tank water. Health rules and reg’s.Eye rolling smile.


Cheers until next time.Winking smile


Trip South for Christmas 2017.

We left Maryborough a little late to travel South to Caboolture and Narangba to deliver Chrissie presents to family on our sojourn to Southern N.S.W.

Our planned trip South was unexpectedly brought forward by a couple of weeks due to family commitments.

After very quickly playing Santa for Children, Grand children and Great Grandies we shot off to stay the night at Lawnton show ground. Ashley came for a visit for a while and I managed to stay awake for the duration. It was lovely to see him.

We were both dog tired following a frantic pack up of the house and contents and van servicing over a few very hectic day’s.

My part in the whole thing was to service the van to allow us to stay away for some months.

Wouldn’t ya know that my being slack and paying for the last van service would come back to bite me right on the you know where. After the service I asked for a spare set of wheel bearings (which were supplied and paid for).

Muggins me decided to change all bearings before this trip as they have done 100000kms and needed some relief form their duties ( mainly for my peace of mind even though they had been inspected and re lubed many times! )

imageSaid muggins decided to lubricate afore mentioned bearings before the disassembly of the hubs.

Upon disassembly it was found that the bearings were the wrong size for the job. A quick trip to Bearing Services in Maryborough produced only the outer bearings and an order was put in for their inner partners. (I did fail to mention that I had disassembled two hubs and disposed of the old bearings and their partner races before the discovery of the mismatched bearings.)

The following morning Bearing Services proudly handed over the ordered bearings and they were also wrong. They had ordered the correct part numbers but were supplied the wrong ones from their warehouse in Brisbane.

Another day’s wait!

I did manage to service the diesel heater.


fix the non flushing toilet


and change the anode and clean out a bucket load of calcium from the water heater.


along with a few other mark time jobbies.

Correct bearings arrived and the rest of the day was spent greasing and installing said bearings. I did manage to paint the disc brake callipers bright yellow to make them look pretty. Winking smile

I can not believe that I could not sleep after all this drama and hard work but there ya go awaking on departure day absolutely stuf.ed, but it was only a short run to the rello’s in  Brissie and off to Lawnton Show Ground for a good nights sleep.

Friday morning had us leaving Lawnton on the run South. So much newly opened dual carriage way is most welcome, but the truck did baulk at travelling to the lower latitudes as did I but happens and we struggled on.

Second over night (Friday) was at the free camp at Macksville, a lovely Lions park by the Nambucca River. This spot was a little noisy as you can see the old highway bridge in the background was well used by trucks all night. Fortunately, Saturday saw a walking event over the new Highway bridge which bypasses the town and the official opening on Sunday. This will make Macksville a lovely quiet place to stop over.image

Saturday we took off heading South to have a coffee with Marg and Bob (Mavis’s sister and bro in-law) at the roadhouse at Kempsey

Following smoko with the family we struck out for a fuel stop in Sydney then an overnight at Kingsbury V.C. rest area about 50k’s North of Goulburn. A great spot just far enough away from the highway and it proved to be very popular as it filled up after we got there.


Sunday we left the rest area heading for Murrah just South of Bermagui where #1 son lives.

To be continued:

Relish food and wine festival 2017 Maryborough

relish 11

On the third of June Mavis, Ash and myself attended the Relish, food and wine festival held Port Side at Maryborough. We actually went in blind not knowing too much about the event. $15 each entry was paid at the gate which gave us three plastic stem glasses and access to the most wonderful array of fresh, preserved, smoked, baked, squeezed, fermented and generally scrumptious  delights, most of which are localish.PANO_20170603_120249

There were several cheese producers and many winery stalls, smoked meats and gourmet  (Not a lover of the word gourmet as it is used very loosely these day’s, even the dreaded Slack mac’s use it now) providers of the most awesome delights. The array of relishes, sauces, cheeses wines and craft beer was beautifully presented for our enjoyment.


The option was there to throw a blanket on the grass and enjoy a beer, wine or beverage of your choice with a purchased picnic from one of the stalls or bring your own. Great day out.

We followed this with a trip on the Mary Anne the replica steam engine that generally runs every Thursday (Maryborough market day). What a magnificent machine this is! The original was built in Maryborough in 1873 and was used to cart timber, the history is astounding. The replica was built in 1999.


A definite next year if we are in the area.

Cooloola May 2017 Rant

For those that don’t like blasphemous words change channels now.Steaming mad

We are again camped on wonderful Cooloola beach as we were in February, see (blog

I do not understand why people would come to such a lovely place and leave it in such a bloody mess. Bottle tops, water bottles, cigarette buts, discarded broken camping gear, zip bloody ties, broken ropes, buckets, milk crates, lolly wrappers, snack packets and the disgusting list goes on.

There are dumpsters provided at various points along the camping area but obviously they are too far to walk or drive to for those that carry the BOGAN campers tag.

Surely these people want to return to enjoy the life style, perhaps it is only a place to come to yahoo, listen to loud music instead of the ocean and bird life, drink lots oh and crap in the sand hills behind their camps, don’t get me started on that particular subject!.

Next shitty subject is the flotsam that washes up on the beach. This morning during my morning walk along this beautiful beach I was stunned to see the harvest that has been vomited up by the ocean during the high tide and Southerly wind that we are experiencing.

IMG_4627 IMG_4633IMG_4631IMG_4641IMG_4647IMG_4653

Plastic bags in the hundreds, water bottles some with foreign language labels, old pieces of damaged fish nets, broken plastic containers, flower pots, pieces of plastic of all descriptions, how you can gauge ton’s of Styrofoam, I dunno but there was heaps of it and my personal favourite balloons yep that’s right those rubber (or plastic never to break down) things that we humans love to release filled with bloody helium and tied off with string or ribbons (more non degradable crap). These pretty things sore high into the sky until they reach an altitude that forces them to break due to the decrease in outside air pressure thus falling back to Earth usually in the ocean to be washed up on beaches. God I hate them and helium has much better and practical uses eg Donald duck voice syndrome, welding and non flammable airships !


Why cant we release biodegradable doves dyed to the required colour, at least they mostly comeback to Earth without blowing up and they return to their homes for recycling later.

 dove 2

I think it is about time that we took responsibility for our actions in damaging this our home Earth.

Death penalty would not be too severe for littering or dumping would it????? or perhaps they could be caught, made to wear exploding ankle trackers and blues footy jerseys and wigs during the State of Origin (oh the shame that they would experience Eye rolling smile).

Cooloola Beach February 2017

First trip for the year and it was unanimous that we should head for the beach!

A few dramas at home necessitated a break for some R&R, so National Parks beach camp permit booked on line for two weeks and beach driving permit booked at the same time. We decided to leave home on Tuesday the 21st of February heading South to Tewantin where we got on the ferry for the short trip across the Noosa River to Noosa North Shore.

We picked the low tide at about 11 am to drive the 20 k’s up the beach to our favourite camp spot on a grassy sand hill about 3 meters above high tide mark. Unfortunately all fires are completely banned in the park. Not that it was cold enough to have a fire but we normally burn the OZ Pig for a spot of cooking and the comfort value of watching the fire at night. There was a lot of quality fire wood left in our camp site by some poor bugger that had dragged it up here only to be faced with the ban. I managed to find an area to store it on the van for future use so we poor buggers will drag it home Eye rolling smile.

IMG_4481  IMG_4508


Normally I would drop a filter into the sand to hook the van into the water flowing from the sand hills behind us but there was a lot of freshly dug and filled in areas near camp that indicate toilet pits used by those without toilet facilities. I bl..dy hate that,but what can you do that’s life!. It’s a lovely drive up the beach to Freshwater camp to dump the toilet and pick up water for shower and wash up. The water is untreated creek water which is not a problem as we have heaps of drinking water on board.

Two very unusual sites on the beach were a huge fish kill apparently reported in the Gympie paper some time back. Literally thousands no hundreds of thousands of what looked like juvenile Leather Jackets all the same size. Was talking to a ranger who said that samples had been taken to try and determine the cause. The dead fish spread from Noosa all the way around the coast to Rainbow Beach. Very sad!


We have been here now for 6 days and have had an Easterly wind every day followed a few days ago by a South Easterly. The result of these winds is pretty rough seas and squillions of blue bottles. For those that don’t know these critters can impart a nasty sting from the long stingers that trail behind the floating body bubble.IMG_4504IMG_4505

I suggested to Mavis that she wear panty hose while fishing for protection. She only had some old stockings and as a consequence set a new fashion trend for the lady fisherpersons. One of the nasty little blighters managed to sting her through a ladder in one of the stockings,not badly thank goodness. For those reading this that don’t know what stockings or ladders in them are,ask your Nana’s Smile.




We have never seen so many pipis/eugarie’s ever on a beach. These little blokes were all pipi babies in massive nests all along the beach,surprisingly there were very few good sized pipis for bait.                                                                                  IMG_4485

Another strange site was again (sorry) squillions of cane toad tadpoles in the fresh water ponds at the base of the sand hills, not a pleasant site with the water almost black with the rotten things. I am sure this pest can live anywhere. These fresh water pools fed constantly from the sand hills, are swamped with salt water at high tide and still they survive Steaming madIMG_4474IMG_4476IMG_4477IMG_4475

Friday saw the influx of thousands (not squillions Winking smile) of happy campers to the area. Saturday had more cars and trailers tramping the beach. Apparently National Parks limit the numbers that can camp here but the beach driving permit is open slather. This sees heaps of happy day trippers on weekends roaring up the beach headed possibly to Rainbow Beach or just fishing and others with jet ski’s in tow going to the sheltered area just over the track at Double Island Point. Sunday was witness to the masses returning to catch the ferry.

Ahh the serenity. It is hard to beat the smell of salt spray and diesel fumes in the morning.Just kidding

 Smile There is actually 24 car’s in this one pic below all racing for the ferry to get home on Sunday. It is an endless stream all day.


In spite of the weekend crowds this is a lovely spot to relax and chill as the week day’s are very quiet.


Below is the patterns made by the rutile washing out through the sand hills in the flowing streams. This fresh water  flow’s constantly. If it weren’t for those that use the camp sites as toilets we would have an endless supply of non potable water for showers and wash ups. Sorry to harp on this but it is an extremely big pet hate of mine.


Finally fish on the plate. Wednesday the 1st March Mavis finally caught fish. The deal is she catches I clean, cook and plate them, I think there is some fairness there some where Smile.  5 nice dart made it to the fridge and the BBQ this night. She did get quite a few more but they were under size so they went back in the drink to grow for next time. Major good fun.

Have I mentioned the March flies,well I guess they could be February/March flies because we have had them since we got here. There are two types, one is a fast sneaky striker that gets his proboscis in before you know it is there, only alerting you by the sting and he has the most insidious fluoro green eyes.


The second is a slow moving dope that just waits for you to swat it.IMG_4524IMG_4526

Have not been stung by one of these and really don’t want to be,they are humongous creatures. Below is the result of sitting and having fivesies yesterday, gotta love the fly swatters. (Ask Nana about fly swatters. Good exercise and no toxic waste in the atmosphere Peace and the ants and little lizards love the by product!.)IMG_4533

So proud of my girl. 12 months ago she was terrified of water,(swimming water that is) and did a water confidence course put on at RV Homebase. Yesterday the 6th of March she braved the surf for the first time for a  swim and thoroughly enjoyed the experience,catching small waves and all Smile. Go Kyd.

Today the 7th March we left paradise and docked at Lawnton Show Grounds for a few days. Guess most good things must come to an end as must this tale until next time, see ya and cheers from us.


This is one fantastic destination. We are currently doing a house sit in Herberton for two weeks. We have passed through but never stayed here before. We decided to do the tourist thing while we were here and make the most of our stay.

I can not rave enough about this Historic village. It is privately owned and staffed mainly by  permanents with some volunteers helping out. It is not only old rusting stuff from years gone by but includes a massive collection of fully restored and working machinery and buildings. We quickly decided to take advantage of their pay for one and come back for another two days. Believe me one day is definitely not enough.  

Most day’s there is a timetable for the operation of some of the items. Day one for us was a Ruston steam engine. IMG_3506

An old Dennis fire engine.IMG_3510

A superbly restored 1923 Harley idling away in gear wheel turning.IMG_3556aIMG_3557



And the blacksmith making some very interesting gear.


As I Have said to rave about this place does not do it justice so I will post a heap of pics which will be just a brief expose of the Village.I will leave the pictures large so they can be expanded for a better view if you fancy.

IMG_3513IMG_3514IMG_3521IMG_3518IMG_3522IMG_3528IMG_3531IMG_3534IMG_3537IMG_3541IMG_3536IMG_3542IMG_3558IMG_3563IMG_3564IMG_3565 IMG_3567IMG_3569IMG_3574IMG_3577IMG_3579aIMG_3579IMG_3579bIMG_3581IMG_3587IMG_3591IMG_3603IMG_3602IMG_3605IMG_3606


We capped day two off with camp oven stew damper and billy tea,it was great. img_3703img_3704

It is impossible to show all the wonderful sights to be seen in this place. Suffice to say it is a must see if you are in the Tablelands. 

Winter escape 2016 part “C”

As mentioned in part B, Dimbulah is a top spot about 40kms West of Mareeba in FNQ (Far North Queensland for the uninitiatedSmile) and is on the way to Chillagoe another great town in the area that was mentioned in our post “Atherton Sept 2015 to see Sarah our Grand Daughter In Law.” Love it as well. See

Dimbulah was developed to service the Tyrconnell Gold Mine in 1876 then in 1828 tobacco was introduced following a large influx of Italian migrants. Today large fruit veg and nut growing areas exist along side the FNQ staple of sugarcane.

We checked in for 5 day’s but have decided to stay longer. I have managed to get some difficult jobs checked off the list so far and have plans for more to come, not to mention that the van has never looked better due to a thorough and detailed clean (even the solar panels and roof). The winter weather is superb only chilling off slightly at night. No humidity rain or bl..dy mold on everything.img_3469

You have no idea how difficult bat sh.t is to remove from a vans roof. Unfortunately at Pinnacle village in the Daintree we managed to park under fruiting trees that the bats loved. It was a source of amusement for me, no wrong word Sad smile, concern is more like it,  that in the middle of the night they would drop passion fruit sized seeds from a great height onto the roof after masticating the goodness from around them. Mavis would nearly put dents in the ceiling in fright at the noise,poor girl Open-mouthed smile I was so worried for her!

The first State of Origin was a drama for us a muggins had not renewed the Vast satelite renewal and there was no telly here at Dimbulah, even if there had been the Saturn aerial for the telly in the van had fallen off the roof at some in determinant time and place, bugger. It takes 3 blo.dy days to re register that Vast card so we went to the local Pub for the game (great move! ). Mavis’s new blue rinse made a statement for blo.dy sure Smile.

I have defected and choose to be a identified as a Queenslander but lovey stays true to the State of her birth Cockroach country NSW. I know it is State of origin but it adds some spice to life when we are at odds Smile, not that that takes much.

What a great outcome for the game and the Pub was the perfect place to view it, lotsa good natured country heads and Mavis even had some like minded friends.


Saturday was market day and train day in Dimbulah. After brekkie we had a walk around the markets near the railway station then coffee at the bakery.  img_3466img_3467

The Savannahlander train passes through Dimbulah on its way from Cairns to Forsayth and return, a four day trip with tours along the way.


           The Dimbulah station has been made into a museum depicting the life and times of the area, from the gold rush days to tobacco growing and stories of some of the local identities, Well worth a look. Volunteers open the museum and provide tea coffee and bikkies for the transiting passengers and locals, only asking for a donation. Ice creams and cold drinks are sold.


Part “D” to follow later.